Web ToolsFrom the time I started learning and developing websites, creating applications, and starting my internet marketing, I’ve come across several products(free and paid) that can save time and make my self a little bit easier.

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Note: Some links below are affiliate links but this will not add additional cost to you. I will just earn commission if you decide to make a purchase.


Notepad Plus Plus

I’ve been using Notepad++ since 2007 ’til now. This is powerful and versatile text editor. You can use this tool to run different programming languages. This tool can search regular expressions, supports syntax highlighting, and more. Recommended to those who just started programming. Link Here.


Sublime Text

They are somewhat similar to Notepad++ but based on my experience, Sublime Text have massive plugins to use. You can download this text editor for free but you can use it in limited time unless you purchase the license. I actually have the license version – the good thing about me. Link Here.


XAMPP LogoI use this tool when I develop my web projects when I don’t have internet connection. I’m running in Windows OS so I use XAMPP. You can actually use other web server applications like WAMP or LAMP. It depends on what operating system you are using. Link Here.


Other IDE and Web Tools: Visual Studio 6(for desktop applications), Adobe Creative Suite 6( Photoshop and Fireworks), Netbeans, FileZilla, and Eclipse IDE.

For rapid web development, I use php frameworks such as Codeigniter, CakePHP, and Laravel. Most of the time I use Codeigniter because i’m comfortable using it, well documented, and easy to understand.

Recommended to those who just started learning the MVC format.


KnwnSRV – I’ve been using this web hosting since I ventured into internet marketing. So far, they are good and customer service can assist you fast. Just visit their website to know their hosting plans.

Hostwinds – I just recently use this web hosting. Just like KnwnSRV, their customer service is good. So far, I haven’t experience downtime in all of my websites.

WordPress – Great blogging tool or platform for bloggers. You can customize according to your taste and lot of plugins to select.

Whois – I bought most of my domain names here. Easy to setup and I think their domain name price is lower compared to other companies.

For web templates and themes, I usually look for free and responsive designs then I just modify the codes or even modify the designs. I usually create my own designs for niche specific websites.

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- Last Updated: December 7, 2013