About Me

About MeHey there. Thanks for dropping and checking out my “About Me” page. I’m Lodel, the guy behind Developer’s Note.

Over the course of my life, I have made so many things specially in my career. This is the reason why I created this website. I want to share ideas, strategies, and resources that will help newbies or even those who are not, in the field of programming.



I Felt BoredMy passion in developing websites and applications began when I felt unhappy and unsatisfied with my 9 – 5 job way back 2007. I was once a Quality Assurance Engineer(a.k.a tester). Testing different software applications (drivers, product installers, and etc.) and hardware.

For more than two years, same routine, same old thing, I felt bored, and trapped – career wise. Learning the Basic HTML came in.


Well, for more than five years now, working as a Software and Web Developer, I gained experience and knowledge. I’m not an “IT Guru” or an “IT Geek”. I’m just using this website to document everything I learn as I continue my journey – developer.

The only source of knowledge is experience
– Albert Einstein

I just started to learn the world of Internet Marketing. Although I don’t earn a lot as of the moment but I will try my best to learn everything. So, subscribe now to my newsletter below and follow me to receive updates about my journey.


- Last Updated: May 25, 2013